These are only some examples of my work.
The most part of it is covered by NDAs. So, unfortunately, I cannot present them here.

International Regulatory Reform Conference 2013

The International Regulatory Reform Conference 2013 was hosted by the Federal Government of Germany amongst other hosts under the auspices of the Federal Chancellery.


A graphical recording for a discussion about future education trends which took place on a boat and was hosted by the Allianz Stiftungsforum, the Sinn-Stiftung and Scholz & Friends Reputation.

Film meets IT

During the "Film meets IT"-dinner (organised by media.connect brandenburg) where people from the film industry met people from the IT world and discussed about new techniques, I did a graphical recording of the theses formulation.
It was completely drawn on an iPad and exported as movies and images afterwards.

medienwoche @ IFA

A graphical recording for a discussion which took place at the international media congress during the IFA 2012 in Berlin.
The other recordings on the overview picture were done by Michael Schrenk ( who covered the most part of this event.

NLConnect 2

A graphical recording for an internal workshop of Nolte&Lauth in Berlin.

INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Conference 2011

Facilitated by TheValueWeb, the Social Entrepreneurship Conference was held at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.

An Adaptable Structure for Connectivity

The discussion was held by Hither Yon Architects and Viktor Bedö and was curated and moderated by Lauren Altmann at the Node Center for Curatorial Studies in November 2011. The graphical recording was part of the exhibition 'Frame Work' at the Grimmuseum in Berlin. More Information on the exhibition here.

About graphical recording

You will find this as a movie in the about-section as well.
This was drawn on an iPad with a Bamboo Stylus within 30 minutes and exported as a movie afterwards.

Icons, icons, icons ...

These are some sketches and icons I did for different clients and purposes.