Have you ever attended a meeting or discussion where you had the impression everyone is talking in circles and everything has been said ten minutes ago ?

Have you ever survived a powerpoint presentation with 10 billion slides ?

Did you fail in keeping your audience's attention longer than five minutes during your last conference ?

Maybe you need a graphical recorder.

We capture spoken words during discussions, panel discussions, conferences, presentations or workshops in visual language - live and hand-drawn !

It is also known as scribing, visual facilitation, visual thinking or graphic facilitation and has a more than fifty year old tradition. Wether live during a discussion or authored during a multi day event - graphics and images can help creating a group image and/or a common understanding of the content. In addition sessions may become more participatory as contributions are instantly represented. Multi-language groups may find it easier to relate to a visual trigger than talking in broken english all the time and will have a help recalling the event by looking at the artwork.

Additionally, creating motion scribbles catch the viewers attention and can help bringing your content across.

Here is a little movie about graphical recording: